Weekend Plans in Druid Hills

After moving through a long week of work, all we want to do is escape to a different rhythm of life where we can enjoy a satisfying mixture of relaxation and excitement over the weekend. By week’s end, we’re craving to regain control of our schedules and ground ourselves in pleasant simplicity, rather than stressing over a lengthy list of priorities back in the office.

When living in Downing Park, we can find this sense of control again and rediscover what makes us feel alive. In our Druid Hills homes and the surrounding area, we have both luxurious arrangements and numerous dining, shopping, and recreational options right at our fingertips, ready for us to explore in whatever order or way we choose.

In this naturally beautiful and advantageously located spot in Atlanta, we can create the perfect mood and list of activities for weekend plans that meet all our wants and needs.

Let’s see how.

  1. Explore Nature in the Fernbank Forest and WildWoods


The Fernbank Forest and WildWoods create a 75-acre treat for those of us who love to immerse ourselves in the refreshing and gorgeous scenery of nature. There are trails. There’s a canopy walk. There’s cool wildlife to spot. And there’s even more. This destination provides not only a fun adventure, but also a chance to recharge as we fill our lungs with fresh air and enjoy the beautifully lush views.

Distance from Downing Park: three-minute drive.

  1. Turn the Druid Hills Golf Club into a Sanctuary

The Druid Hills Gold Club is more than just a golf club – it’s a sanctuary. At this peaceful establishment, we can golf, play tennis, swim, or workout in a first-class fitness center. After sitting at work for several days, this is a fantastic option to move our bodies in the most delightful ways. Afterward, we can freshen up and change the pace by heading over to one of the dining rooms for a delicious and nutritious meal made with farm-to-table ingredients. Without doubt, the Druid Hills Golf Club is one of many highlights of living in Druid Hills. Membership is by invitation.

Distance from Downing Park: one-minute drive.

  1. Shop, Dine, and More in Emory Village

At Emory Village, we have an opportunity to make an itinerary that includes eating scrumptious food, sipping coffee or tea, and shopping. We can also take a stroll on the walkways, where we can relish in the pleasantly quaint atmosphere created by the combination of this shopping district and the surrounding woodlands. This destination is perfect for slowing down the pace over the weekend.

Distance from Downing Park: four-minute drive.

  1. Relax at Home

The homes for sale in Druid Hills offer wonderful chances for having exciting, yet restful experiences during the weekend, which includes opportunities to do so right in our own neighborhood. On our tucked away piece of land surrounded by beautiful vegetation, we can float and swim in the private community pool, sunbathe on a terrace, enjoy the landscapes and modernized Revival Tudor homes while taking a walk, read on our porch with a favorite book, and gather with neighbors for a fun evening of grilling and chatting. At Downing Park, we can return to our personal life in ways that we love.

Distance from Downing Park: We’re already there.

If this sounds like the lifestyle for you, then give us a call at 404.439.9316 or learn more at owndowningpark.com. We look forward to telling you even more about Downing Park and the surrounding area.