The Essence of Resilience

With the announcement that the New Year’s Eve Peach Drop Festival would return after a three-year hiatus, even those of us who avoid the throng of an estimated 50,000 participants at Underground Atlanta had reason to celebrate – quietly. The return of the Peach Drop was just one lighthearted example of Atlanta’s remarkable resilience.

Through events that might have meant upheaval or disruption to a lesser city, Atlanta has again and again demonstrated amply that the energy, enterprise, and intelligence found here are sufficient to see us through to sunnier times. Even the architecture of the Druid Hills homes for sale at Downing Park serves as a reminder of prevailing over circumstances and assuring prosperity.

In a Time of Triumph

Tudor Revival was the style chosen by architect Walter T. Downing when a railway and power company titan commissioned him to design his mansion home here. Downing’s design inspiration evoked a much earlier time, the Elizabethan era, which we remember for its astounding accomplishments in art and enterprise. Sir Francis Drake sailed around the globe, Sir Walter Raleigh relayed the riches of a new world in the west, and William Shakespeare put insight and compassion on stage in words we still remember. Overall, Queen Elizabeth I reigned with a wily will to survive and prevail.

When we recall those achievements behind the Tudor Revival style, we are fortunate to forget some of the difficulties that threatened to extinguish them long before our time. For example, Shakespeare’s company of actors were out of work, and his plays were nowhere performed from 1592 to 1594, and the hiatus was because of a threat no less than the plague. If we occasionally recall the difficulties they surmounted, we can grow our own confidence, too.

The Assurance of Their Example

The brio and verve that inspires us when we consider the achievements of Tudor times is an important ingredient in design. In fact, one of the properties of excellent design – and we see it in the finest of the homes for sale in Druid Hills – is the ability to make modern advances and conveniences live in harmony with the reassuring looks of history and heritage. The Druid Hills houses for sale at Downing Park present perfect examples of this magic.

The pitched rooflines and distinctive details of a Tudor home are joined here with a wider welcome of sunlight, thanks to tall and generous windows. A facing elevation, one that the first Elizabeth herself might have recognized, instead of houses with a three-car garage. A sun terrace and a resort-style lap pool beckon, more useful today than just the beauties of an English garden. No advantage is sacrificed in pursuit of a look. Rather, the wisdom that inspired the look is instead continued with every advantage that technology and craftsmanship and refined design can provide today.

We invite you to examine for yourself the possibilities for achieving this balance in the setting of these exceptional Druid Hills homes. The best way to sense whether the blend is right for you is to have a visit. Just call us at 404-439-9316.