Scrumptious Meals in Druid Hills

What is something we need, think about all the time, and love? We know this answer – it’s food.

We just can’t beat sitting down to the savory, spicy, or sweet flavors of a mouthwatering meal. It’s a wonderful, wholesome experience that will always be one of the greatest highlights of being alive. Yes, that sounds over the top, but deep down we know it’s true. While we understand that food is necessary for existing, we also know it’s more than that. Meals have a special quality to them. They bring us excitement and joy, along with being a catalyst for bringing people together in ways that create memories that last a lifetime.

By choosing to live in one of the homes for sale in Druid Hills, we are also choosing a location where we can fully enjoy our mealtimes. Just picture this: These Druid Hills homes are situated in a spot surrounded by a multitude of flavorful possibilities and dining atmospheres for us to stop by anytime for splendid culinary experiences.

Let’s explore some options.

Dining in Our Exciting Neighborhood

One of the most important ingredients for having a great morning is fueling our bodies with a satisfying breakfast. At the eclectic American diner, Sun in My Belly, we can accomplish this by selecting from a variety of scrumptious options that range from biscuits and gravy to pimento cheese omelets to French toast. Can we say, “Yum”? Yes, we can.

Unfortunately, the chance of that breakfast lasting us all day is slim. So, when we need a mid-day pick me up, we can head over to The General Muir, a modern take on a New York Jewish deli. Here, we can order a delicious meal in a setting that makes us feel as if we flew to a clean, chic New York City restaurant for a quick lunch. It’s an open and bright environment that creates the right mood for the middle of the day. It’s soothing but energizing – and the food is delish.

After moving through a full morning and afternoon, we arrive at what most of us consider our favorite time of day: Dinnertime. Here in Atlanta, we have a plethora of options for dining, but if we want to settle into a fun vibe, Sweet Auburn BBQ is a fantastic choice for some tasty goodness. At this one-of-a-kind restaurant, the sibling owners combine their Asian roots and Southern upbringing to remix traditional style barbecue with an Asian twist. The recipes create a party in the mouth – and provide a wonderful way to end the day on a high note.

Sitting Down to a Meal in Our Community

There is, of course, always the option of eating at home – and Downing Park is worthy of being considered a top-of-the-list possibility for us. With the pleasing view of the surrounding lush woodlands, well-kept landscapes, and homes fashioned in a modern Tudor Revival style, we can enjoy a satisfyingly secluded, refreshing, and homie ambiance to soothe our minds and spirits during mealtimes. Sometimes home is just the perfect restaurant setting, which is most certainly the case in our community.

If the sound of Druid Hills excites you and sounds like home, give us a call at 404.439.9316 or visit to learn more about Downing Park. Scrumptious meals and fabulous dining atmospheres await.