Made in the Shade

Success can be a tricky thing; ask anybody. Not only is achieving it no simple matter but sustaining it can also prove to be just as hard. The expression “made in the shade” comes to mind sometimes when people consider the homes for sale in Druid Hills. Even when you have heard about Druid Hills, and even if you grow up its shadow, the impression is striking: Such a wealth of trees and the canopy that they create simply must be seen to be fully appreciated. And neighbors who travel tell us that this tree-filled scene strikes them anew each time they return home.

The dual meaning of satisfaction that comes with “made in the shade” points to one of complexities that can come with success. The satisfaction that it brings cannot be allowed to become an overgrown sense of self-satisfaction. The personality of the Druid Hills homes for sale at Downing Park tend to embody the balance of contentment and continued purpose that is success at its best.

An Inside Job

The fortunate few who have been granted the experience, the time, and the peace to think it over say that success lives within. No outward sign of achievement, no recognition from peers, no ease of access, no trophy or symbol can fulfill someone without the interior knowledge that they learn along the way, the knowledge that their own state of mind is where success resides.

Among the Candler Park homes for sale are plenty of examples of the fact that a home can make a statement about the people inside. Yet the happiest of those folks will tell you that the satisfaction came first, and the reward was merely added.

How the Environment Contributes

The heart responds to what is around us. It is well settled. Certain places speak to certain people in a way that causes them to seek to stay, or to return, because of the harmony they sense there between the inside and the outside. The red rocks that wrap Santa Fe, the blue-grey North Atlantic embracing Martha’s Vineyard – and yes, the green canopy over Druid Hills – set the scene for a life, or a chapter of life that means something special to the people who make their homes there.

Yet when it comes to a sense of home, environment means more than the natural surroundings. Architects and the apostles of design refer to the “built environment,” the structures we create to stand between human beings and nature. Design is a continuing conversation for discovering an ever-more-effective relationship between outdoors and indoors, and in Downing Park we see true achievements in attaining this.

The Ultimate Environment

Then we come to the environment that really counts, which is the awareness and consciousness we bring from within ourselves. This state of mind is a response to the natural environment, and it is the goal of the built environment. No form of beauty can be profound enough to make a difference if this interior environment is out of tune.

True satisfaction is our goal as builders, and so we choose to give “made in the shade” a meaning that is far richer than the old meaning. We sort the complacency of the phrase into a different basket and keep the sense of earned serenity. Achieving this balance on behalf of our clients is our goal and the reward for our work.

Downing Park is one example from which we draw a prudent degree of pride. Let’s have a chat about whether the balance is right for you, and then arrange a visit. Just call us at 404-439-9316 or find out more at