Learning in Druid Hills

A delightful discovery among neighbors of the homes for sale in Druid Hills is what interesting friends and companions they make. One factor in making this a community of interesting people, it seems, is that the careers of so many involved learning new things all the time. Few careers of recent decades have been stale or stagnant. Even when devoted to a single industry, it seems that things were always changing and thus demanding an openness to lifelong learning.

Those of us who were brought up to expect it – and many who discovered it from necessity as their working lives progressed – found a certain factor of fascination when their careers called on them to keep on learning all their lives. Many of us, it seems, took this as a blessing. The result? A dinner party, a backyard picnic, or a poolside barbecue among the Druid Hills homes for sale is bound to present the chance for a fun conversation.

For Fine Beginnings

An unusually well-qualified selection of schools comes as a factor in favor of the Druid Hills houses for sale. At every level of childhood development, there is a school here that provides opportunities to not only prepare and excel, but also to cultivate an appetite for learning that equips a child for the life of rapid change that is sure to ensue. Let’s have a look at just a few.

To begin with beginnings, the Atlanta Montessori International School on South Ponce de Leon Avenue offers programs ranging from their Young Children’s Community, for ages eight weeks to 36 months, through primary and elementary school and extending into adolescent learning programs for ages 12 to 15 years. Extracurricular activities and summer camp at Atlanta Montessori mean there is no time of day or time of the year when you must be without their resources for nurturing your children’s growth as healthy, happy individuals and members of a thriving, diverse community.

For Firm Foundations

Fernbank Elementary School offers one of Atlanta’s most sought-after school experiences, and it is located just five minutes from Downing Park. Since 1957, Fernbank Elementary has served this historic neighborhood with pride.

Fernbank is a fully authorized International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme school, and the focus there includes providing a quality basic education for children. Enhancing the total education of each child, the IB program includes Spanish, art, music, science, physical education, and computer/technology literacy. Students are encouraged to assume personal responsibility for their academic performance.

For College Readiness

Druid Hills High School is rated by Great Schools to be significantly above average in preparing student for college. Founded in 1919 on the Emory University campus, Druid Hills High has been teaching at its present location since 1928.

Taking pride in collaborating with parents, students, and the community to provide a variety of educational opportunities, Druid Hills High School offers a safe, supportive learning environment where students acquire knowledge, skills, and values. The goal is to help parents prepare self-assured, responsible citizens in an ever-changing global society.

Good schools nearby are yet another factor in favor of the value we find in the residences of Downing Park. Just call us at 404-439-9316 or find out more at owndowningpark.com.