Evoking an Era

The original estate that inspired the Druid Hills homes for sale in Downing Park was Tudor Revival in style. The railway and power company magnate who commissioned architect Walter T. Downing to design the mansion home wanted a surrounding of lush gardens and a detached carriage house. He followed Downing’s design inspiration to evoke an era.

Tudor Revival conjured the look of the Elizabethan Age. The style swept the more fortunate neighborhoods that surrounded America’s most prosperous cities for a quarter century, and no wonder. Comfort and capacity were combined with dignity and a sense of heritage in Tudor Revival. The architectural style is inspired by a time when Elizabeth I ruled England. Shakespeare transformed the abilities of the language to connect with people’s lives. Christopher Marlowe discovered what could be communicated from the stage. Sir Frances Drake sailed around the globe. Sir Walter Raleigh explored the possibilities of a newly discovered world. And Elizabeth herself ruled to greater influence than any who had gone before her.

What About Today?

One of the magical properties of excellent design – and we see it in the finest of the homes for sale in Druid Hills – is the ability to make modern advances and conveniences live in harmony with the looks of history and heritage. The Druid Hills houses for sale at Downing Park present perfect examples of this magic.

The pitched rooflines and distinctive details of a Tudor home are joined here with a wider welcome of sunlight, thanks to tall and generous windows. A facing elevation that the first Elizabeth herself might have recognized includes a three-car garage. A sun terrace and a resort-style lap pool beckon, more useful today than just the beauties of an English garden.

No advantage is sacrificed in pursuit of a look. Rather, the wisdom that inspired the look is instead carried on with every advantage that technology and craftsmanship and refined design can provide today.

Steady as She Goes

The second Queen Elizabeth, whose historically lengthy reign has just been completed, will be remembered for the stability she embodied and encouraged, rather than the adventures and risks of her 16th century namesake. The world we navigate today brings with it a requirement for both of these qualities, the willingness to explore and the preference for continuity.

Striking the balance is everything. Our own dance with history calls us to live with both these qualities in mind. The surroundings we choose can play a major role in both inspiring and maintaining this balance. We invite you to examine for yourself the possibilities for achieving this balance in the setting of these exceptional Druid Hills homes. The best way to sense whether the balance is right for you is to have a visit. Just call us at 404-439-9316 or find out more at owndowningpark.com.